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    Help, I Can't Stop Laughing At These People On The Internet Who Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed Their Responses Last Week

    You know, I like the ring of that.

    1. On long walks:

    2. On the planets:

    someone says you can only see 5 planets and someone replies, that it's actually 6 because you can definitely see earth

    3. On political correctness:

    4. On sitcoms:

    someone wanting to question someone's definition of a sitcom

    5. On socks:

    6. On burps:

    7. On names:

    8. On old people:

    old people, more like fold people, makes an origami swan out of grandma

    9. On life changing purchases:

    what life changing item can you buy for less than $100. someone answers Heroin, you said life changing, it doesn't need to be a good thing

    10. On the inevitable passage of time:

    all pics are old, that's how picture works

    11. On self-care:

    on coca cola cleaning off rust someone says, i've been drinking soda and my body's rust free

    12. On microwaves:

    person can spend their entire life inside a microwave before dying

    13. On usernames:

    14. On melting snow:

    snow melting faster on the tile corners because the corners are 90 degrees

    15. On music:

    16. On life:

    17. On the only review that matters:

    review on a casket says, five stars, no complaints from grandpa

    18. And on time: