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35 White People Who Need To Be Stopped Immediately


1. Every single person who is responsible for this:

2. This adult baby:

3. This man smiling at an aquarium for absolutely no reason:

4. This girl:

5. This genius:

6. Bieber 2.0:

7. The guy stuck in no traffic at all:

8. Your main man Charizard:

9. This badass:

10. This person with interesting weekend plans:

11. This dude on the right:

12. This poor girl's dad:

13. This mom feeding Starbucks to a dog:

Rhonda taking a picture of herself giving the dog Starbucks #stopwhitepeople

14. This girl who learned an important lesson about feeding squirrels:

15. This guy who's just lookin' for love:

16. This sexy bacon man:

17. This addict:

18. These Halloweeners:

19. This family with terrible picture judgments:

20. Carlene:

21. Your grandma:

22. This philosopher:

23. These people marrying dogs:

Two dogs just got married at work today #stopwhitepeople

24. This women casually posing with ramen:

25. The pee patrol:

26. This future NBA star's parents:

27. This guy just feelin' the breeze:

28. Melody's dad:

29. This girl about to eat a butterfly:

30. Kelsey and her brother:

31. The most badass man who ever lived:

32. This dude:

33. The mayonnaise patrol:

34. These destructive teens:


And, of course, everyone who responds to this article like this: