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29 Straight White Boys That Need To Be Stopped

Take it from me, a straight white boy. #StopStraightWhiteBoys2k14

1. Mr. MakeYouVeryWet:

2. This guy who's a little too into Sandra Bullock movies:

3. This idol finalist:

4. This guy who seriously needs to chill:

5. This naughty fruit:

6. The professor:


8. The Strokes' biggest fan:

9. This romantic:


11. This guy with a ton of vacation questions:

12. Jeff:

13. Underwaer wearer:

14. This poet:

15. This man with big dreams of being a plane:

16. This newly single individual:

17. This philosopher:

18. This future Arnold Palmer:

19. This man with a very specific measurement system:

20. This caring soul:

21. This wordsmith:

22. This tongue-tied guy:

23. This guy with absolutely no likes at all:

24. This gold star winner:

25. This amateur astronomer:

26. This master of his craft:

27. This guy with a seriously warped sense of what's cute:

28. #Pleasure-man:

29. And this guy, especially: