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    The 16 Most Painfully Awkward Uber Rides That Have Ever Happened

    Ya gotta disconnect, my man!!!

    1. The amateur ride:

    2. The son ride:

    3. The licking ride:

    4. The cheating ride:

    5. The serious group ride:

    6. The no shame whatsoever ride:

    NSFW y'all now my uber driver is watching porn

    7. The babysitter ride:

    8. The stuffing ride:

    9. The lesbian coworker ride:

    10. The definitely a virus ride:

    11. The Pamela ride:

    12. The curly ride:

    13. The versus ride:

    14. The webcam ride:

    15. The Xvideos ride:

    16. And the sharing is caring ride: