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    18 Things That Happen When Your Friend Drives Like A Big, Dumb Idiot

    Every. Time.

    1. You're familiar with their favorite words, "GO":


    3. You've heard this beautiful musical interlude many, many times:

    4. You've listened to their theories many, many times:

    5. You've heard them say this about 14 times:

    6. And make this hand symbol every 30 seconds:

    7. You know "my bad" just doesn't cut it anymore:

    8. I mean... it's okay:

    9. You've contemplated turning them in:

    10. You've got your "welp, I'm gonna die" expression down to a tee:

    11. And you're "I guess this is how it ends" expression is flawless:

    12. You've become the mom of the car:

    13. You miss the good ol', safe days:

    14. You know about their fascination with turn signals:

    15. You've seen them almost lose their dang mind:

    16. You know how kind they are to their fellow drivers:

    17. You've had to say no one too many times:

    18. But, in the end, you'll never not hop in that front seat:

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    Hey, you're still alive!

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