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    20 Times People On The Internet Totally, Completely, 100% Nailed The Response

    No lies detected.

    1. On 2020:

    tweet reading if 2020 was an alcoholic beverage what would it be and another underneath saying vodka in a water bottle when you're expecting water

    2. On doors:

    Picture of a belt strap around a door handle with the caption this be the one thing on a bad day that's going to make you reach your limit

    3. On doctors:

    twitter post with an image of a scribble that reads doctors be like go buy this and a follow up tweet that says and the pharmacist will give it to you

    4. On language:

    Twitter post saying n French, you don't say "I miss you." You say "tu me manques" which means " you are missing from me." I love that and a follow up saying in texas you don't say you all you say y'all which means you all

    5. On balls:

    Picture of a purple plastic ball that says this ball played a big role in almost everyone's childhood and a response that says this is the ball every kid played with in the store and never took home

    6. On sandwiches:

    Picture of a giant sandwich that reads sandwich hack make them and put them in the bread bag and a response that reads this looks like when cartoons used to make super tall sandwiches

    7. On clothing:

    Picture of an anti theft device on shorts with the caption anyone know how to remove these things and a response that reads pay

    8. On inspiration:

    Picture that says you matter don't give up and a response that says my stupid ass read this as you don't matter give up

    9. On birthdays:

    Two tweets one reads people who treat their birthday as a normal day think they're more mature than everyone and the next reads we are just miserable leave us alone

    10. On Wi-Fi:

    Picture of a wall that says we do not have wifi talk to eachother like it's 1995 and a response that says i have data

    11. On umbrellas:

    Tweet reading people really be grown and still using umbrellas and a response that reads you supposed to become waterproof after you turn 18 or something

    12. On bills:

    Picture of a very expensive medical bill with the text my bill after getting bit by a snake and the response i would've just died

    13. On doors:

    Two tweets one reads so i found a door in a tree trunk and it was full of a pile of of money and a single frog and then so u broke into his house

    14. On pancakes:

    Picture of two identical looking bottles one labeled cooking spray the other furniture polish with the caption i almost killed my family making pancakes this morning

    15. On shapes:

    Tweet that says a new shape called a scutoid has been found and a response that says i'm so happy i'm out of school imagine having to find the area of a scutoid

    16. On robots:

    Tweet that reads Panasonic created a fridge that drives to you when called and a response that says nope i do not wanna get high one night and see my fridge chasing me

    17. On cars:

    Picture of a very sleek looking car and a response that reads isn't that the thing you slide over your calculator

    18. On relaxing:

    Picture of a person clutching a sandwich tightly with the caption relax bro ain't nobody taking it from you

    19. On trucks:

    Picture of a truck with tiny wheels and a caption that reads finally done with my truck build what do you think and a response that reads i think your truck skipped leg day

    20. On time:

    tumblr post reading it's really august huh like 8 whole months have passed disgusting and then another reading this post was written in 2018 but it hits a lot harder now

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