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    18 Times Complete Strangers On The Internet Absolutely, Totally, 100% Nailed The Response Last Week

    Well, boy, am I glad I know that now.

    1. On the essentials:

    Someone asks what everyone should have in their house and someone responds a floor

    2. On Finland:

    Someone says school uniforms are illegal in Finland, and someone asks why and they respond because they are against the law

    3. On Valentine's Day:

    Post about a meteor due to hit the Earth on Valentine's Day, and someone says this is the first V-day where everyone is going to get smashed

    4. On skeletons:

    Someone says that because of pregnant people the average number of skeletons in a body is higher than one, and someone says i wish you didn't say that

    5. On death:

    Someone says every person "who has ever drank water has died"

    6. On the world:

    Person asks, if you could snap your fingers and make the world a better place, what would you do, and someone responds "Snap my fingers, obviously"

    7. On those subtle indications:

    Someone tells a story about a person sending mixed signals but it's about a car, not dating

    8. On telltale signs:

    Someone asks "'What screams I'm homophobic'?" and someone says "When you scream 'I'm homophobic'"

    9. On literature:

    Someone asks "What do you get when you mix alcohol and literature?" and people come up with F Scotch Fitzgerald, Tequila Mockingbird, and Ernest Hemingway

    10. On playing pool:

    Picture of an L-shaped pool table that someone responds to by saying standard pool tables are just a lowercase l

    11. On weaknesses:

    Someone asks what a woman's biggest weakness is, and someone responds asteroids

    12. On plants:

    Someone says please name this plant, and someone responds with "George"

    13. On being boring:

    Someone says "What screams 'I have no life'?" and someone says receiving CPR

    14. On true love:

    A person gets a bracelet from a girl and asks if it's a sign, and someone says no, it is a bracelet

    15. On the letter W:

    Someone writes what starts with W, ends with T, and has two letters in between, and someone responds "Wtwo letters T"

    16. On Tennessee:

    A person asking what state is above Tennessee and someone replies "gas"

    17. On pools:

    Someone asks how big a pool is, and someone responds about 1 pool size

    18. On flashlights:

    Someone says there should be a flashlight that shines darkness, and someone replies that they would love to hit someone with the void