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33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Trust me.

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1. This man taking the worst shortcut ever:

2. The worst way to wake up:

3. Chris Bosh's all-confetti diet:

4. These dogs imitating a baby crawling:

5. This pissed-off garbage truck:

6. The residents of Uzbekistan trying out the country's first escalator:

7. The most awkward placement of a picture ever:

8. This dog's little dance:

9. Nicolas Cage on the horizon:

10. Cotton candy in reverse:

11. The best videobomber of the year:

12. The exact moment this couple's relationship ended:

13. The future Rock and Roll Hall of Famer:

14. The worst high five ever:

15. The dumbest robber of the year:

16. This apocalyptic prank:

17. This man who failed at going down a slide in every possible way:

18. This tennis referee's little accident:


19. These goats refusing to accept this woman's dance:

20. One bro's quest to ride down the stairs:

21. This man's morning routine:

22. This man TERRIFIED of a kitten:


23. This fish that is tired of this dude's shit:

24. Elmo saying "GOOD-BYE, CRUEL FORD":

25. The most baller move a human can do when their cymbal breaks:

26. The most inspiring moment of the year:

27. This man who invented a NEW WAY to bowl:

28. This future Tony Hawk:

29. This crumpin' baby:

30. The worst possible way to wake up:

31. "Did you catch that?"

32. The immortal Eye-Five:

33. This graceful exit:

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