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Updated on Nov 25, 2019. Posted on Nov 22, 2019

Sorry, Only A Trivia Expert Will Be Able To Get More Than 10 Right On This Quiz

Let's do this.

  1. What Disney movie is this screenshot from?

    Walt Disney Pictures
  2. What is the capital of Romania?
  3. What fish does caviar come from?

    Twitter: @ExmoorCaviar
  4. What's the correct way to spell this actor's name?

    Andreas Rentz / Getty Images
  5. What language is this?

  6. What was the 50th state?
  7. When was the film Love Actually released?

  8. What is the most common element in the Earth's atmosphere?

  9. What is a group of giraffes called?

  10. What kind of phobia is pogonophobia?

  11. What is 4-9÷3+5x2?

  12. What year was the Treaty of Versailles signed?

    Edward N. Jackson (US Army Signal Corps)
  13. What organ is this?

    Mikael Häggström
  14. How many amendments does the constitution have?

  15. What country is this the flag of?

    -Panya- / Getty Images
  16. What is the chemical symbol for silver?

  17. What's an example of an abiotic factor?

  19. Which of these cities is farthest north?

  20. True or false: the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in the word.


    The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, located in Dubai.

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