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    22 People Who Are Just Having A Really, Really Hard Time With Words Right Now

    You were so close.

    1. On names:

    person confusing maiden name and mating name

    2. On cooking:

    person calling salmonella sell my nana

    3. On family:

    person confusing incense with incest

    4. On health:

    person confusing anime and anemia

    5. On wishes:

    person confusing death wish with dish wish

    6. On breakfast:

    person calling them scrabbled eggs

    7. On old friends:

    person calling someone four meal your instead of familiar

    8. On the best kind of wheels:

    person calling it a fairest wheel

    9. On dance:

    person calling a luau a lou owl

    10. On pity:

    person confusing symphony with sympathy

    11. On pacing:

    person saying snails paste instead of pace

    12. On diabetes:

    person calling type 2 diabetes tattoo diabetes

    13. On being taken advantage of:

    text reading i hate win folks try to ma nipple ate me

    14. On books:

    person sayinig they have a short tension span

    15. On the animal kingdom:

    person calling a chipmunk a chick muck

    16. On salads:

    person calling it a see her salad

    17. On mind tricks:

    person calling jedi mind tricks jet i mind trick

    18. On the best smelling furniture:

    person calling a chair ass scent chair

    19. On public health:

    person confusing vaccines with waxing

    20. On the climate:

    person calling it glow ball warning

    21. On comebacks:

    person saying tto shay instead of touche

    22. And on sides:

    person calling condiments kind a mints

    That took me a while.

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