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    Sorry, But It's Actually Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally Impossible Not To Laugh At These 40 Pictures

    I don't know why these are so funny.

    1. Brand new items:

    Arby's sign that is unintelligible

    2. The best new flavor:

    sign reading try the new pee donuts

    3. An invitation:

    sign reading try below a Taco Bell logo

    4. The Colonel's warning:

    KFC sign reading Limited time

    5. The saddest three word story:

    burger king sign reading she gone

    6. Everyone's favorite meal:

    sign reading bucket below a KFC logo

    7. A call for acceptance:

    sign reading like us below a Domino's logo

    8. The endgame of humanity:

    sign reading we are now credit cards

    9. Strict rules:

    sign reading what

    10. Your favorite treat:

    sign reading cone below a McDonald's logo

    11. An offer you can't refuse:

    walgreens sign reading walk in free covid

    12. Delicious melts:

    sign reading try one of our $3 anus melts below a Hardee's logo

    13. An important PSA:

    sign reading get your shongles shit today below a Walgreens logo

    14. A message from the beyond:

    sign reading hey below a Wendy's logo

    15. The deal of a lifetime:

    sign reading 99 cent sloppy below a White Castle logo

    16. Speeeeeee:

    speed limit sign reading speeee limit

    17. A cry for delp:

    sign reading we want delp

    18. Fun facts:

    sign reading did you know double cheeseburger

    19. Blessing hours:

    sign reading god bless the usa tues to sun

    20. The ultimate assort:

    Sign reading "assort gumble" on a gumball container

    21. The ultimate chicken trip:

    sign reading LSD below a Church's Chicken logo

    22. Frigid happenings:

    sign reading this freezer is out of control on a store frozen section door

    23. The best kind of deal:

    sign reading order your bees now below a Runnings logo

    24. The announcement of a lifetime:

    sign reading guess whats back back again soup tell your friends

    25. A notice:

    sign reading closed we're out of meet below Taco Bell logo

    26. The best gift money can buy:

    sign reading apply for a credit card free watermelon on a barrel of watermelons

    27. The best kind of employee:

    sign reading now hiring 3 pounds of coffee for $19.99 below a Dunkin' Donuts logo

    28. Beautiful poetry:

    sign reading roses are red so is ketchup have a corndog

    29. True inconvenience:

    sign reading right now we is out of ham

    30. A juggalo's demand:

    sign reading woop woop get some soup below a Subway logo

    31. The scream:

    sign reading scream until daddy stops

    32. An important point:

    sign about seagulls stealing food and that there "will be no refunds the seagulls don't work for us sorry for the inconvenience"

    33. Incredible advertising:

    sonic sign reading a problem has to your computer

    34. True love:

    sign reading love the little tacos love them good below a Taco Bell sign

    35. The forbidden side:

    sign reading no one ever reads this side lol

    36. Tasty pumpkin:

    sign reading uh oh spicy pumpkin hahahaha pumpkin tasty below a Dunkin' Donuts logo

    37. Soup:

    soup aisle sign upside down

    38. A fair deal:

    burger king sign reading buy whoppe r get one dollar

    39. Sad but true facts:

    sign reading speed thrills butt kills

    40. And finally:

    sign reading have a and then gibberish

    Gotta agree with that.