27 Tweets That Prove Having Siblings Completely And Totally Changes You For Life

    It's true.

    1. Having siblings teaches you how to control your anger:

    2. It teaches you that disaster can strike at any moment:

    3. It lets you learn what an acceptable amount of noise is:

    4. It makes you ready for anything:

    5. It keeps you on your toes:

    6. And builds character:

    7. It increases spatial awareness:

    8. It shows you what a REAL compliment is:

    9. It teaches you the value of a dollar:

    10. It teaches you how to share:

    11. How to not get ripped off:

    12. And how to divide equally:

    13. It makes you skilled in the art of the duel:

    14. It teaches you about family history:

    15. It makes you an insult master:

    16. It teaches you how to make great conversation:

    17. It makes you a master secret-keeper:

    18. It makes you appreciative of what you have:

    19. It lets you see your parents in an entirely different light:

    20. It lets you learn what's important:

    21. It teaches you how to the art of the deal:

    22. It really helps your running speed:

    23. It teaches you how to say you're sorry:

    24. Like, a master of the apology:

    25. It lasts a lifetime:

    26. It teaches you how to become number one:

    27. And, finally, it helps you grow up: