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    27 Pictures You Won't Even Begin To Understand If You've Never Worked In A Restaurant

    No lies detected.

    1. The horror...THE HORROR:

    if you’ve ever had to change out one of these just know i respect u and i hope u had a good day

    Twitter: @tweetsbyleet

    2. Those age-gap friendships:

    A job will have you 21 years old with a 56 year old best friend like dang where tf Mr. Otis at today 😂

    Twitter: @realburtiis

    3. Where the real gossip goes down:

    fork napkin station

    4. Line cooks in a nutshell:

    Customer: orders literally anything Line cooks: you gotta be FUCKIN KIDDING ME

    Twitter: @galaxygoodvibes

    5. The eternal struggle:

    Most of being a server is just hoping that it’s going to be dead but that you’ll somehow still make $200

    Twitter: @phileagle_

    6. The gnarliest mat in existence:

    bar mat

    7. The most extreme sport:

    Trying to tell a story to your work colleague in between serving customers is an extreme sport

    Twitter: @_maryamgangat

    8. The disrespect:

    person saying i'm not the other server from last time so i won't do that

    9. The uselessness of signs:

    facebook comment reading no matter how big you make the sign they won't read it

    10. The dumbest three words in the English language:

    “Are you closed??????” no ma’am, we actually just decided to lock the front and start mopping for fun

    Twitter: @katiekml

    11. The funniest joke you hear every single day:

    tweet reading me to customer can i get you anything customer a million dollars me not laughing

    12. What the job interview should be:

    Interviewer: Why do you want to work in customer service? Me: Well, I'm really good at apologizing for things that aren't my fault

    Twitter: @NotEthanSmith_

    13. The intense heat:

    tweet reading one thing i deffo don't miss about waitressing is when you'er carrying boiling plates n get to the table and nobody remembers what they ordered

    14. The fight to remember:

    meme of a man struggling that reads me trying to remember why i'm in the walk-in

    15. The simple timetable:

    tweet reading okay when dining out it's this simple 30 minutes til kitchen close go ahead order in 15 minutes takeout is rude 10 minutes before you can go somewhere else you fuck face

    16. Those wonderful greetings:

    customer: hello me: we close in 2 hours 7 minutes and 15 seconds by the way

    Twitter: @Southphillyzeem

    17. The true meaning:

    i said “sorry for the wait” to a customer today and then she said “no you’re not”. you know what you’re right

    Twitter: @LilColonoscopy

    18. An average day:

    work ever kick your ass so bad you drive the speed limit home w/ no music playing?

    Twitter: @stayfrea_

    19. The true horror of seeing this: / Via u/lukewarmlatte

    20. The generational difference:

    Millennial who is probably struggling to pay for their rent and education: tips at least 20% every time Above 40 with a platinum black credit card that weighs 3lbs: $1

    Twitter: @andee233

    21. Like, c'mon:

    ive had a teenage couple tip me $8 on a $20 bill and a middle aged couple tip me $1 on a $34 bill. dont tell me this generation isnt nicer than our parents because this is a daily thing.

    Twitter: @lauren_furno

    22. The casual verbal abuse:

    Why do customers give ya actual verbal abuse for ten mins straight then go ‘I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault’. Yeh I know it’s not

    Twitter: @Annanevinx

    23. The totally reasonable asks:

    Carried 3 desserts over to a table for a customer to say ‘Yh we actually ordered 2 cappuccinos with that’ RigHT I must of accidentally left them in the kitchen along with my 3rd arm Brian

    Twitter: @CharlotteCrook2

    24. Those very normal moments:

    meme of spongebob and patrick dancing and it says a customer we haven't noticed yet next to them

    25. How to really train someone:

    Me training a new person at my job: "So you're not really suppose to do this but this is what I do"

    Twitter: @mariah_hartjes

    26. The hardest lie to tell:

    tumblr post reading if you're ever somewhere past closing time and an employee says it's no problem take your time they're lying through their fucking teeth

    27. And, finally, the true stupidity of Earth:

    Until you work in food or retail you will never understand the level of stupid that exists in our world

    Twitter: @Ashley_Dill

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