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    I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At These Extremely Hilarious And Specific Online Shopping Fails

    Buyer beware, folks. Buyer beware.

    Imagine, my friends, if you will, ordering something online and receiving...

    1. An HD television for ants:

    2. The world's scariest mask:

    3. This year's hottest film:

    4. A stylish pair of boots for your index and middle finger

    5. Baby Yoda's beloved relative, Cousin Yooba:

    6. The biblical Goliath's new Airpod pros:

    7. A Pickle Rick who's seen some things...terrible things:

    8. A Christmas branch:

    9. A beautifully crafted candle holder delicately made by someone riding the Wicked Cyclone rollercoaster at Six Flags New England:

    10. A beautiful nightstand to store mayhaps a single grain of rice:

    11. The perfect work glove for all sorts of manual labor:

    12. A fridge fit for a (very, very tiny) king:

    13. The OTHER scariest mask in existence:

    14. The best senior shirt ever:

    15. What just might be the world's biggest ladle:

    16. This absolutely spot-on bear mask:

    17. AirPods with a very tender message:

    18. The most polite jersey there ever was:

    19. José Altuve's cleats:

    20. A classic Star Trek / DHL shirt mix-up:

    21. The tiniest little scratchin' post:

    22. The world's longest pair of shorts:

    23. Thanos' infinity heel:

    24. The hoylest of bibles:

    book reading hoyl bible

    25. The perfect reading lamp for one single word of text:

    A lamp smaller than someone's phone

    26. A big ol' stinkin' container of goop:

    27. [Alanis Morissette voice] 75 pounds of lubricant when all you want is some soup:

    28. A rug for YOUR feet and YOUR feet ONLY:

    29. Business cards from an extremely prestigious university:

    30. A great pen if you work at a company called "Please Use Uploaded Logo," but not so much if you work anywhere else:

    31. A simply stunning banner:

    32. Everyone's favorite soccer player:

    33. An absolutely fantastic logo:

    34. A wonderful name for a baby:

    35. Mom's important message of gratitude:

    36. A, let's be honest, kinda wordy glass:

    37. And, finally, insult to injury from the person who sold you some garbaggio: