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    21 Tweets That Are Both Absolutely Terrible And Absolutely Brilliant At The Same Time

    Tag a Lizard.

    1. The parking ticket idea:

    someone who gave themselves a parking ticket so they wouldn't get one

    2. The vacuuming idea:

    someone playing a youtube vacuum sound instead of vacuuming

    3. The Valentine's Day idea:

    someone saying you should fake propose all over so you eat for free

    4. The customer idea:

    someone who always told customers sorry it's my first day

    5. The drinking idea:

    someone who doesn't eat so they can get drunk easier

    6. The graveyard idea:

    someone who went to the cemetary so they could not get pulled over

    7. The pooping idea:

    someone who briings different shoes to work for when they poop

    8. The gum idea:

    someone who carries an empty pack of gum so he never has to give any out

    9. The pickle idea:

    grandpa who tightens a pickle jar when he gets in a fight with his wife so she has to talk to him

    10. The ringtone idea:

    someone who made their ringtone someone clearing their throat

    11. The FaceTime idea:

    someone facetiming their noodles cooking

    12. The essay idea:

    someone who added white words to their paper to make it longer

    13. The movie theater idea:

    Found a brand new way to get your snacks into a movie

    14. The twin idea:

    tweet reading i told everyrone at work that i have a twin so that when i see them in public i won't have to talk to them

    15. The retail idea:

    someone who say people should get to speak to customers for one day they are spoken to by customers

    16. The bank idea:

    story about an old lady who withdrew 1000 dollars and only took 10

    17. The wine idea:

    someone putting wine in the water fridge dispenser

    18. The music idea:

    someone who says spotify should have an on this day feature

    19. The taxi idea:

    someone who needed to get home so they ordered delivery and got in the car with the driver

    20. The remote idea:

    dad who brings his own remote into the bar so he can change the channel

    21. And the Elizabeth idea:

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