People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Moments And I'm Dying Laughing At All Of Them

    Everyone has a "wow, I was a dumb kid" story.

    1. The tortilla story:

    Once when I was like 9 I went to a Mexican restaurant and there was a hole in my tortilla. For some reason the most logical thing for me to do was just cry. Now my entire family bullies me relentlessly every time they see a tortilla.

    Twitter: @CrazyZacker

    2. The hotel story:

    person who pooped under a table and blamed it on the dog

    3. The color story:

    person who thinks people can only have one favorite color so while sharing colors they get nervous the good ones have been taken and say gray

    4. The dog story:

    I just remembered that when i got my first dog i was 7 and he was 1 (7 in dog years) and i cried when he turned 2 because i didnt think a 14 year old dog would wanna hangout with me.

    Twitter: @Trev97

    5. The flavor story:

    text reading when i was 5 i asked my mom why people were different colors and she said because god wanted lots of flavors and ii thought god ate people when they died

    6. The ID story:

    person who thought their dad's id expiration date was the day he was going to die

    7. The bat story:

    person who thinks that they are showering in bat pee

    8. The bird story:

    person who wants to be a bird and eventually gets a rash and bumps and thinks it's happening but just is actuaally allergic to yogurt

    9. The glasses story:

    person who fakes not being able to see ini order to get glasses to seem smart

    10. The chocolate story:

    person who gets told doors are made out of chocolate and tries to take a bite of one

    11. The bath story:

    person who hears showering saves money so they fill up their bathtub with shower water

    12. The word limit story:

    person who gets told by their parents people can only say 10,000 words a month and gets scared

    13. The Family Life story:

    person who says their parents don't have sex because they are good people that don't do that

    14. The air flow story:

    person whose sister tries to win a fight by breathing all the airr in the room

    15. The motorcycle story:

    person whose mom tells that you can only ride motorcycles if your dad dies so they ask someonne if theri dad is dead and they say yes

    16. The millionaire story:

    person who plays the computer game who wants to be a millionaire and wins and thinks they are going to be a reaal millionaire

    17. The wilderness story:

    kids who think they are lost in the woods but the entire time the mom can see them

    18. The anniversary story:

    person whose parents got married on april fools day so they tell them their marriage is a joke

    19. The poker story:

    When I was 12 I tried to cheat at poker by pulling some cards out of a nearby deck when nobody was looking. I grabbed 3 kings and put them in my hand, discreetly hiding the cards I was replacing. So then there I was, holding out my 5 cards: 3 with red backs, 2 with blue backs.

    Twitter: @enormous_earl

    20. The bad word story:

    person who writes a bad word on a piece of paper and gets nervous so they shove it up their nose

    21. The theme story:

    kid who is told to write a 500 word paper on themes and just writes the word theme 500 times

    22. The window story:

    kid who is being dramatic and falls out of a window

    23. The shower story:

    person who does everything to not take a shower that they possibly can and slowly starts taking a shower