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24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Going To College

The most expensive existential breakdown money can buy.

1. On morning classes:

2. On weekend plans:

3. On protecting your assets:

4. On the natural progression:

5. On the first day of class:

6. On trying to up your GPA:

7. On fine dining:

8. On student loans:

9. On taking care of business:

10. And on signs of success:

11. On studying:

12. On presenting in class:

13. On fielding THOSE questions:

14. On buying textbooks:


15. On the struggle:

16. On your financial situation:

17. On day-to-day life:

Yik Yak

18. On psyching yourself up for another year:

19. On Saturday morning hangovers:

20. On starting papers:

21. On decision-making:

22. On a typical semester:


23. On getting a job:

24. And, finally, on just existing in general:



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