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    35 Things From Your Childhood You Had Absolutely No Idea Were Discontinued

    My mouth is watering.

    1. Berries & Cream Dr Pepper:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Believe it or not, this creamy take on a classic was only around for a little over a year.

    2. Hershey's Kissables:

    Carolyn Kaster / AP

    WHAT HAPPENED: The most intimate candy out there was discontinued in 2009.

    3. Creme Savers:

    WHAT HAPPENED: The world's OTHER most iconic mint-adjacent candy cremed no more in the mid-2000s.

    4. Oreo O's:

    Twitter: @DeerBleats

    WHAT HAPPENED: They're back!!! Buy 'em here.

    5. Ice Breakers Liquid Ice:

    WHAT HAPPENED: The coolest mint known to humankind hasn't been around for years.

    6. Oreo Cakesters:

    WHAT HAPPENED: According to the Oreo Facebook page, what many refer to as "boneless Oreos" left us around eight years ago.

    7. 3D Doritos:

    Twitter: @courttneyjw

    WHAT HAPPENED: They're back! Check it out here.

    8. Skittles Bubble Gum:

    Twitter: @Mira_Dreamscape

    WHAT HAPPENED: The world just couldn't handle a Skittle you could chew forever. We just weren't ready. They left us in 2006.

    9. Swoops:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Again, the world couldn't handle a product too good for this world. They went away in 2006.

    10. Cereal Straws:

    WHAT HAPPENED: What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? The world couldn't handle cereal in the shape of straws. That's what happened. They've been gone since the early 2010s.

    11. Dunkaroos:

    Twitter: @tsuki_himura

    WHAT HAPPENED: You bet your rear end they're back!!! Snag 'em here.

    12. Trix Yogurt: / Via u/defactosithlord

    WHAT HAPPENED: While still available at some places in smoothie form, the original yogurt has been gone for the last few years.

    13. Altoids Sours:

    Altoids needs to bring back the sours I can’t be the only one who misses them

    Twitter: @Karlathulu

    WHAT HAPPENED: What may be the most legendary mint in history left us in 2010.

    14. Yogos:

    Facebook: 1831233620479722

    WHAT HAPPENED: Yogos have been yo-gone since the early 2010s.

    15. Spearmint Tic Tacs:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Hard to believe, right? But it's true — they've been gone for a few years.

    16. Waffle Crisp:

    Twitter: @pj_hale

    WHAT HAPPENED: 2018 was a difficult year for us all, and it was especially difficult for Waffle Crisp, what with being discontinued.

    17. Doritos 3rd Degree Burn:

    These 3rd Degree Burn Doritos chips are no joke! #Water!!!

    Twitter: @A_Abala

    WHAT HAPPENED: After coming hot (heh) out of the gate in 2010, they've been gone for years.

    18. Pepsi Blue:

    Getty Images

    WHAT HAPPENED: Like the setting sun or the roaring stream, the world simply moved on from Pepsi Blue in 2004.

    19. Pillsbury Waffle Sticks:

    WHAT HAPPENED: These took the world by storm in 2003. Or at least my parents' freezer by storm. They've been gone a loooong time now.

    20. DNL:

    WHAT HAPPENED: DNL, whose name was just 7Up flipped upside down, was too good, too pure for this world. It went away in the mid-2000s.

    21. Kudos:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Unfortunately, according to the good folks at Mars, these have been gone for at least four years.

    22. Twizzlers Sourz:

    WHAT HAPPENED: They've been gone for at least the last seven years, maybe longer. For shame.

    23. Slice:

    I really miss Orange Slice. It was my favorite soda for a good while. None of the current Orange sodas hit the spot like this did.

    Twitter: @Vektar2

    WHAT HAPPENED: If you can believe it, as of 2009, Slice is now a seltzer.

    24. Ooze Tube:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Good news, Ooze fans! You can still get it on Amazon.

    25. Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars:

    WHAT HAPPENED: These have been gone for over a decade, my good, good friend. Haven't you noticed?

    26. P.B. Crisps:

    Twitter: @PBCrispsFanatic

    WHAT HAPPENED: What many call the holy grail of peanut butter–flavored sweet cream snacks has been gone since the '90s.

    27. Butterfinger BB's:

    WHAT HAPPENED: They went to the great convenience store in the sky in 2006.

    28. Sprite Remix:

    Getty Images

    WHAT HAPPENED: The world has been devoid of remixes since 2005.

    29. Reese's Bites:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Reese's in beautiful, beautiful ball form went away in 2008.

    30. Fruit String Thing:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Oh, these have been gone for a long, long time.

    31. Lollipop Paint Shop:

    WHAT HAPPENED: The world shall paint with candy no more as of the mid-2000s.

    32. Ritz Bits S'mores:

    WHAT HAPPENED: According to the Ritz folks themselves, they've been gone as of four years ago.

    33. Cheetos Puffs:

    WHAT HAPPENED: Cheetos puffed no more in 2012.

    34. Mondo:

    WHAT HAPPENED: I have good news, my friend. You can still buy it here.

    35. Fruitopia:

    Twitter: @supawarman

    WHAT HAPPENED: The Fruitopia became the, uh, ummmm...Fruit-dystopia in 2003.

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