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23 Food Opinions That Are True For Absolutely No Reason At All

No arguing!

1. Soda tastes inexplicably better out of a glass bottle:

2. Crushed ice is the best type of ice:

3. Pasta tastes way better when it's cut into shapes:

4. Holiday Reese's are the best type of Reese's:

5. Cereal tastes way better at night:

6. Nothing is more delicious than a surprise onion ring in your fries:

7. Chinese food is always better the day after:

8. Gatorade is way tastier and more refreshing out of this bottle:

9. Shredded cheese is most delicious eaten directly from that bag at like 3 a.m.:

10. Nothing beats a sandwich like this after a long day of swimming:

11. Nothing is as refreshing as that middle-of-the-night chug of water:

12. Oreos with colorful frosting are way, way better than regular Oreos:

13. The surprise fries at the bottom of the bag are the best fries of all:

14. Sandwiches cut diagonally are automatically 150% more delicious:

15. Ice cream tastes better eaten with a little tiny spoon:

16. Food in this exact container = the best food:

17. Mini M&M's are better than regular sized M&M's:

18. Nothing is more satisfying than a glass of water after some ice cream:

19. McDonald's Sprite hits way differently:

20. Croutons taste better straight from the bag, not in a salad:

21. If you don't eat string cheese like this you're a maniac:

22. Fruit (especially apples) is way better sliced:

23. And finally, food ALWAYS tastes better when someone else makes it for you: