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26 Pictures People Who Don't Love Food Will Never Understand

Food lovers unite.

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1. How avocados work:

2. Microwave mysteries:

3. The official sandwich signal:

4. How to cook pasta:


And the microwave celebration:

6. Clicking for no reason at all:

7. Your stomach, all the time:

8. Eating healthy:

9. The words that can stop any fight:

10. The proper way to cook bacon:

11. The acting role of a lifetime:

12. What you look like:

Via BuzzFeed Life

13. The longing:

14. The only line you know:

15. The hunt for chips:

And the devastation of the chips:

16. Every server's timing:

17. How you need to find the PERFECT show to enjoy your food:

18. The post-nap routine:

19. Your little secret:

20. Frozen gum mouth:

21. Betrayal:

22. Trying to eat your delicious meal in PEACE:

23. That blast of air:


24. Trying to make literally anything:

25. Cleaning up:

26. And the worst thing that can possibly happen to someone:



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