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    24 Pictures Of Food That Look Like They’re From A Different Dimension

    I can't look away.

    1. This pickle under ultraviolet light:

    2. This "shaved" watermelon:

    3. These boneless avocados:

    4. Two bananas in one:

    5. And...Lord help us...six bananas in one:

    6. This unnaturally big lemon:

    7. This peeled peach:

    8. This backwards Oreo:

    9. This pepper shaped like a fist:

    10. This grape that's actually seven grapes fused together:

    11. This loooooong, long marshmallow:

    12. Four peanuts in one:

    13. This strawberry that's started to sprout:

    14. These giant blueberries:

    15. This pepper that's a liiiiittle too excited:

    16. E.T. in bun form:

    17. This banana that's a little too straight:

    18. This lemon shaped like a carrot:

    19. These peeled grapes:

    20. This peeled tomato:

    21. This pill-shaped M&M:

    22. The pepper inside a pepper...pepper-ception:

    23. And this lil' tiny orange growing inside a big orange:

    24. And this strawberry that looks like Mario: