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22 Pictures That Prove The World Isn't A Gigantic Steaming Pile Of Crap

Trust me!

Just remember...

1. All the very important conversations happening:

2. All the very important firsts:

3. And all the gigantic backpacks out there:

4. Remember a Mulan kinda love:

5. A cow kinda love:

6. And a plant kinda love:

7. Remember all the people starting a new journey:

8. All the people drawing their way through life:

9. And all the dogs just tryin' to get by:

10. Remember all the sick parties going down:

11. All the sick hairdos going up:

12. And all the dads who know EXACTLY what to say:

13. Remember all the power couples:

14. All the power dogs:

15. All the powerful ideas:

16. And all the powerful friendships:

17. All the brilliant, brilliant deers:

18. And, of course, snack holes:

19. Remember all the tech gurus:

20. All the firsts:

21. And all the people who you'll never forget:

22. And, please, please, remember this video: