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33 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Choices In 2014

Trust me, no matter what you messed up this year, it could be worse.

Think you made some mistakes this year? Think again:

1. Just look at Wal-Mart's spokesperson:

2. The most nolegeble person on the planet:

3. This person who made a very penful decision:

4. Ol' crazy back eyes:

5. This person just lifeing their life:

6. The south's pride and joy:

7. The world's most innocent man:

8. This guy you should clearly never trust:

9. This guy who sees THROUGH THE ILLUMINATI BS:

10. The world's most worried wolf:


11. This hungry dude:

12. The person with the Taco Bell lower-back tattoo:

13. Monster Man:

14. This hopeless romantic:


16. This guy who will certainly receive God's gudgment:


17. Lil' sniffles:


18. The Queen:

19. Stick figure Dan:

20. The Perma-Juggalo:

21. Elvis' biggest fan:

22. The person who learned that the only thing that's forever is this:


23. This lady:

24. OBAMA:

25. The world's biggest and craziest Patriots fan:

26. This lover:

27. Nike boy:

28. The money talker:

29. This kid who clearly hates his mom:

30. This person:

31. Drake head:

32. This guy who NO DOUBT gets it every single hour on the hour:

33. And, lesbehonest...this guy:

But, you know, who cares in the end? NO RAGRETS:



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