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    19 People Who I Am Absolutely Certain Regret Literally Every Damn Choice They Made Last Week

    That is definitely not what you want.

    1. The person who cooked up their iPhone juuuust right:

    2. The person whose dinner is going to be a little bit cronchy tonight:

    3. The person whose cat did the unthinkable to their LEGOs:

    4. The person who might wanna put that lawnmower in rice:

    5. The person who got a sandwich with the world's saddest pickle:

    6. The person who got a very pleasant wake-up call at 5:30 in the morning:

    7. The person who apparently goes to the gym with a wide array of wild beasts:

    8. The person whose waffle is probably gonna have Scooby Doo and the gang solving a mystery on it soon:

    9. The person who is going to spend the next 48 hours picking this out of their teeth:

    10. The person who will spend the rest of their life cleaning expensive spices out of their car:

    11. The person who is now going to eat a whole tomato as a snack:

    12. The person who was just robbed by an ATM:

    13. The person who was kind enough to share their beverage with the local fauna:

    14. The person who will now forever be stuck at their job:

    15. The person who had what might be the worst thing to happen to an iPhone happen to them:

    16. The person who did the old "drop a pound of screws into a box of nails" trick:

    17. The person whose laundry absolutely demolished Andrew Jackson:

    18. The person who glued up their whole entire face:

    19. And the person who will forever be watched by the all knowing eye of the Mighty Minion:

    Praise him.