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    26 Extremely Dumb Things That Literally Every Single Person Has Done

    It's true.

    1. Double-checked:

    2. Tried to squeeze it in:

    3. Forgot to look:

    4. Made the noises:

    5. Done a run-through:

    6. Made sure nothing changed:

    7. Done the Walk of Shame:

    8. Given it a few clicks:

    9. Done the hand thing:

    10. Slapped and slapped:

    11. Looked like an expert:

    12. Fought the demons:

    13. Got the dates all wrong:

    14. Spelled it out:

    15. Tried to get those extra three minutes:

    16. Saw through sound:

    17. Packed like shit:

    18. Immediately forgot:

    19. Went straight to the forklifts:

    20. Dug through the trash:

    21. Smashed that MFin track button:

    22. Made a very wise financial decision:

    23. Acted innocent:

    24. Tried to finish the storyline:

    25. Waited 'til 7:

    26. Just laughed:

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