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    50 People Who Paid A Ton Of Money For Something And Pretty Much Immediately Regretted It

    Ouch, my wallet.

    If you're feeling bad or regretful about a purchase you just made or some money you lost, just remember...

    1. The person who is about to be the first settler in the new city of Atlantis:

    2. The person who did what they had to do when they saw a cockroach:

    3. The person who had a big ol' fruit come crashing down into their life:

    4. The person whose keyboard is a little bit tipsy:

    5. The person who just cooked up some delicious BBQ house:

    6. The person who only buys the finest chew toys for their dog:

    7. The person who enjoyed the sweet smells of eau de melting Samsung:

    8. The person who gave their car a fresh new paint job:

    9. The person who really should not have dug:

    10. The person who harnessed the power of the sun for maximum destruction:

    11. The person who quite literally annihilated their money:

    12. The person who will be picking pieces of this steak out of their teeth for days, I'm sure:

    13. The person who has dang Niagara Falls in their living room:

    14. The person whose underwater case ended up being very, very literal:

    15. The person who gave their phone a nice, fresh, new haircut:

    16. The person who witnessed the very first hole-in-driver-side-mirror:

    17. The person whose musical tastes are a bit askew:

    18. The person who has a nice, rugged knife now:

    19. The person who got to stay in a 4-star hotel room that definitely isn't haunted by malicious spirits:

    20. The person whose poor tire got plier'd:

    21. The person whose laptop lost the fight between it and a staple:

    22. The person who will forever taste plastic goop every time they cook:

    23. The person who had their clothes absolutely destroyed:

    24. The person who got a pizza FOR ANTS:

    25. The person who should maybe just think of their broken crystal frame as a very expensive glass LEGO set:

    26. The person who might be hearing music a bit more on the left side:

    27. The person who can never, ever set foot in this building again:

    28. The person who got a smoothie for HEALTH-CONSCIOUS ANTS:

    29. The person who paid a little extra just to use the greatest gift of all — their imagination:

    30. The person who is either 7'9" or got a chicken wing FOR ANTS:

    31. The person who had to let their guitar breathe a bit:

    32. The person whose washing machine apparently spontaneously combusted:

    33. The person who learned life's most important lesson the hardest way:

    A TV that fell from being mounted

    34. The person whose cat was kind enough to share all over their expensive noise canceling headphones:

    35. The person who will be enjoying a plate of melted controller:

    Melted PS4 controllers

    36. The person kind enough to let their computer get a little air:

    37. The person who might just want to walk out the back door never to return to their job:

    38. The person who I'm sure loves their dog very much:

    39. The person who probably wishes they had a slightly bigger garage:

    40. The person who I'm sure also loves their dog very much:

    41. The person who will be enjoying a plate of toasted iPhone:

    42. The person who I'm sure loves their toddler very much:

    43. The person who is about to go Scuba Grillin':

    44. The person who might want to throw on a few extra layers:

    45. The person who was lucky enough to find their lost ring:

    46. The person who has a nice, rugged phone now:

    47. The person who fell with the force of a thousand suns:

    48. The person who will now be running water experiments for the foreseeable future:

    49. The person who just found out how magnetism works:

    50. And the person who was defeated by a grain of rice:

    A laptop screen broken by a grain of rice