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    27 Things Everyone On Earth Hates That They Do But Does Anyway

    Can't help it.

    1. Makes prolific use of "the Chair":

    2. And then gets betrayed by the Chair:

    3. Stays up until it's Bird Time:

    4. Smashes that tracking button:

    5. Gives it a few test clicks:

    6. Constantly switches it up:

    7. Plays the most dangerous game:

    8. Gets cart confident:

    9. Tries to beat space and time in a race:

    10. Embraces the slang:

    11. Does the walk of shame:

    12. Gets a lil' overeager:

    13. Takes longer finding a song than doing work:

    14. Immediately forgets names:

    15. Accidentally clicks that forbidden convo:

    16. Triple-checks the time:

    17. Struggles with the same word year after year after year:

    18. Risks it all:

    19. Picks free shipping regardless:

    20. Makes noises for no reason:

    21. Plays garbage Go Fish:

    22. Packs like they're going away for four years:

    23. Reckons with who they were last night:

    24. Immediately forgets what they just saw:

    25. Double-checks the uncheckable:

    26. Runs to the bathroom and risks major injury:

    27. And expressions out loud: