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    We FINALLY Have An Answer To The World's Most Pressing Unanswered Question

    WE KNOW.

    Imagine, if you will, a simple English muffin. Bastion of breakfast, Babe Ruth of breads.

    A delicious, versatile food. A staple of any old pantry. A food so full of potential, so full of flavor, that every single nook and cranny is quite simply blossoming with excellence.

    But there's one VERY IMPORTANT question that needs to be answered.

    What are English muffins called in England???

    What are English muffins called in England?🤔

    Rogue crumpets?

    I wonder what English muffins are called in England. Or maybe they don't have them. Maybe they're just crumpets gone wrong.

    Sir Admiral Cunningsworth's toastie pies?

    what are English muffins called in England??

    Or is it something the likes of which our tiny human brains can never BEGIN to comprehend?

    What do people in England call English muffins I need to know

    Well, good news my friends — I have the answer.

    They're called "muffins."

    If you’re in England they’re just called muffins.


    English muffins are just called muffins...!

    It's true.

    Do not attempt to adjust your mobile phone.

    This is earth-shattering stuff.

    I'm in England and English muffins are just called muffins here.

    They're really just called "muffins."

    "English muffins" have finally made it to England! Lols

    What a time to be alive.

    But that doesn't mean that the questions are over. No, they've simple just begun.

    if English muffins are called muffins in England, what do they call... muffins? 🤔😳 actually concerned about this

    The truth is out there.