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19 Pictures That Prove The English Language Needs To Be Stopped

We need an explanation.

1. What's going on with "naked"?

2. Can "Pacific Ocean" calm down?

3. Where does Sean Bean get off?

4. What's the deal with Shawn?

5. What are the rules?!

6. How is "data" pronounced?

7. How does "yacht" even exist?

8. I mean...come on.

9. Why are you trying so hard?

10. Why are you so unfair?

11. What's going on in the South?

12. What's the difference in shits?

13. Seriously, the pronunciation stuff. What's going on?

14. What's going on with all the puns?

15. Why so repetitive?

16. What is wrong with "tears"?

17. Why is everything spelled the same?

18. Can't you ever make sense?

19. I mean...just...why?