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    33 Things You Haven't Thought About Since Elementary School, But Will Instantly Remember

    Simpler times.

    1. Tennis balls on the bottom of every chair:

    2. Those cursive letters right above the chalkboard:

    3. Conversations of a lifetime happening at this exact table:

    4. Different color folders meaning different subjects:

    5. The greatest carrying case of all time:

    6. Those blue chains attached to every swing:

    7. The best way to teach math: with little tiny blocks:

    8. The GOAT pencil sharpener:

    9. The best day in gym class, next to parachute day:

    10. Falling asleep in the back of class while your teacher uses the overhead projector:

    11. The alpha and the omega of pencils:

    12. THE LEGEND:

    13. The wooden playground that was full of splinters and bees:

    14. The most stressful minute of your life:

    15. The SUPER intense smell of this marker:

    16. Square pizza. SQUARE PIZZA:

    17. How you learned to tell time:

    18. The ice cream you can only buy in elementary school cafeterias for some reason:

    19. Seeing this TV roll on in and knowing it was going to be a good day:

    20. Signing everyone's shirt on the last day of school:

    21. A beautiful, fresh set of watercolor paints:

    22. Stabbing the ever-loving crap out of your eraser:

    23. The best way to waste time on a rainy day:

    24. The click clack of these jump ropes:

    25. The only way to protect your book:

    26. Looking death straight in the eye after being hit with these:

    27. Little treasure chests for your lost teeth:

    28. That one person who used a pencil like this for some reason:

    29. Sitting on the bus on a rainy day, drawing pictures on the window:

    30. Champions being made on the paper football field:

    31. Sneaking a look at the gradebook on your teacher's desk:

    32. Those big ol' safety scissors that destroyed your thumb:

    33. And putting your chair upside down on your desk at the end of a long, hard day: