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50 Extremely Specific Things Everyone Did In Elementary School You Definitely Forgot About

This took me back.

1. The pure joy you felt when this TV got rolled in:

2. Hoping and praying for your food of choice while looking at a cafeteria calendar:

3. Giant cursive letters all around the room:

4. And probably writing that cursive on a piece of paper like this:

5. Falling asleep in the back of class to a scene like this one:

6. Spending way too long learning how to spell bad words in your calculator:

7. These scissors making your fingers feel IMMEDIATELY sore:

8. Running your hand along the wall exactly like this:

9. Trying to push all three levers of this pen down at the same time:

10. Putting your head against the bus window and feeling the BARUMP-A-BUMP-BUMP:

11. Stabbing your eraser so much it ended up looking like this:

12. That ice cream that seemed to only be available at school:

13. These little cute erasers that did not erase, only smudged further:

14. Having a fresh box of mechanical pencil lead and feeling invincible:

15. And then breaking your pencil for no reason:

16. Creating a masterpiece with this:

17. Opening up the sharpener to clean it out and smelling that unmistakable pencil shavings smell:

18. Catching a glimpse of the hallowed Ball Room in gym class:

19. Valentine's Day in class when everyone got a ton of candy:

20. The cafeteria and the auditorium being the same room... the CAFETORIUM:

21. Accidentally dropping one of these on the ground and seeing it EXPLODE everywhere:

22. The fool-proof way to draw a bird:

23. That unmistakable static from one of these chairs:

24. That pre-field trip joy:

25. These best writing utensil money could buy... at least until you lost the cap:

26. Getting a little too rowdy during quiet reading time:

27. One of the best lunches imaginable: Chicken Patty Day.

28. Doing math with these little blocks:

29. Those Halloween decorations that seemed to just appear:

30. That unmistakable art class stool:

31. Washing your hands with this strange pink soap that only existed in schools:

32. Those days in gym class where you had to put on a pinny that reeked of stale sweat:

33. These little yellow clocks:

34. Truly believing that the blue part of this eraser could erase ink:

35. The best day at school:

Real ones remember how lit the Scholastic Book Fair used to be

Twitter: @ArfanKHXN

36. The OTHER best day in school:

One of my favorite childhood memories. Anyone else remember this?

Twitter: @wbny

37. Drawing this exact sun into every single picture:

38. Going to school after dark and feeling that eerie empty feeling:

39. Giving yourself a lead "shot" and getting yelled at:

40. Those chairs with tennis balls on them:

41. Praying to the snow gods:

42. Putting one of your loose teeth into a neon treasure chest:

43. Drawing some masterpieces using this ruler:

44. Putting glue all over your hand and peeling it off like a madman:

45. Preparing for battle with a sword made out of markers:

46. Collecting all sorts of box tops in an effort to raise money:

47. Watching someone open one of these markers and immediately smelling its intense smell:

48. Paper book covers and the struggle to make them last:

Kids these days will never under stand the struggle of keeping a paper book cover nice and neat all school year long.

Twitter: @VaultBoyDanny

49. Putting your hand on one of these tables in a science class and feeling how cold it always was:

50. And clapping together two erasers and seeing that big giant cloud of smoke: