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    29 Things That Were The Height Of Culture 15 Years Ago That Are Extremely Embarrassing Now

    In retrospect, things were kind of cringey.

    Nothing was more 2005 than...

    1. Going out to Ruby Tuesday's one night and then uploading 400 pictures the next day:

    Remember being a pre-teen and making these albums on Facebook captioned ‘~aDvEnTuRes~’ where you were just walking to the corner store w/ your buds takin pics like ✌🏼😬 all edited by Piczo captioned ‘you’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul.’ WHAT A FREAKIN TIME

    2. Watching like 15 minutes of a movie on the extremely small screen of an iPod Mini, the way the filmmakers intended:

    ipod mini playing a disney movie

    3. Spending an entire afternoon taking 4,000 Photo Booth pictures with friends:

    4. Spending hours learning HTML to perfect your Myspace layout even though no one actually ever looked at it:

    #ThingsTodaysKidsCantDo spend hours on finding the perfect MySpace layout for your profile!

    5. Posting impressively boring statuses like this on Facebook all day long:

    These used to be my Facebook statuses. I'm cringing. Who let me use the internet? How did I have friends? Too many lol's. LOL. 🙄

    6. Or letting the entire world know how bored you are every other day:

    one like and I’ll start tweeting the same way I used to post on Facebook 10 years ago

    7. Changing your profile picture to something like this:

    "gangster" spongebob

    8. Trucker hats for some reason:

    trucker hat

    9. Being a bad little boy and showing your flip phone friends the new beer drinking app:

    guy using a beer drinking app to fake drink beer

    10. Or getting into a heated argument about the virtues of BlackBerry and Brick Breaker:

    brickbreaker game

    11. Thinking that Chuck Norris jokes were the be-all and end-all of humor:

    chuck norris joke reading santa claus was real until he forgot my present

    12. Typing like this with zero irony:

    I used to text people and type on myspace like this and it haunts me - heyyy smexie.! ~:3~ lolxz.!

    13. Wearing obscenely big skate shoes like it was nothing:

    gigantic skate shoes

    14. Taking weird pictures of your feet or hands because you all had matching bracelets or shoes:

    six feet in a circle all wearing converse

    15. Wearing gloves like this...

    fishnet gloves

    16. Complete with pants like this:

    parachute pants

    17. Working on this computer and feeling like you were living in the year 3020:


    18. Writing deep lyrics on your canvas shoes that absolutely no one would read:

    How insufferably wannabe emo I was at 13 - writing Blink 182 lyrics on my Converse. Good one, past Becca.

    19. Putting all your CDs in a damn skyscraper:

    cd tower

    20. Texting ChaCha for answers to life's most important questions:

    cha cha website

    21. Spending hours finding the PERFECT ringtone that, chances are, people will hear only 2.5 seconds of:

    22. Pretending that HitClips made sense and listening to 30 seconds of music at a time:


    23. Putting rubber bands on pants to cuff them:

    pants with rubber bands on the cuffs

    24. Convincing yourself that Talk Like a Pirate Day was a real holiday — and a very important one at that:

    person on facebook talking like a pirate

    25. Spending every waking hour convincing your friends that the Zune is ACTUALLY the superior machine:

    microsoft zune

    26. Playing absolutely hilarious jokes on people via your voicemail:

    tweet reading “Hello? Hold on I can’t hear you...hello? Seriously I can’t hear you...hello? Jk leave a message after the beep”

    27. Completing your outfit with the cherry on top — a tilted, upside-down visor:

    nelly wearing a backwards visor

    28. Bringing an i-Zone instant camera around for special occasions:

    izone camera

    29. And a million companies selling yogurt that you can drink for some reason:

    drinkable yogurt