19 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Love Dying And Being Dead

    Living that dead inside life.

    1. Those little conversations:

    2. Your last words:

    3. Hearing that bump:

    4. Spending those 10 hours wisely:

    5. The five most beautiful words in the english language:

    6. Wishing you were born in a different era:

    7. Moving at the best possible time:

    8. Those classic Google searches:

    9. Your morning routine:

    10. Turning up the volume:

    11. Your favorite vacation destinations:

    12. Going out with a cuddle:

    13. Honkin' that horn:

    14. Getting those Z's:

    15. The perfect way to proceed:

    16. Staying up late:

    17. Wishing upon a star:

    18. And, finally, how you ACTUALLY feel: