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    14 Dumbest Things You Can Do With Fireworks

    Or: 14 things you need to do right now with all your fireworks.

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    1. Light them in the shower:

    2. Fire them from your nether region:

    3. Put them between your legs while standing on top of two cars:

    4. Tie them to your friend:

    5. Fire them at Captain America:

    6. Try to catch them with your face:

    7. Give them to your dog:


    8. Light them in a kitchen:

    9. Fire them in a crowd:

    10. Light them in the bathtub:

    11. Light them on a couch:

    12. Put them in a pile of poop:

    13. Drop them:

    14. Light them underneath your chair:

    But this? Definitely, definitely do this:

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