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50 Pictures From The Last Decade That Are So Stupid You'll Feel Dumber For Looking

The 2010s were very dumb.

In the 2010s...

1. Exciting discoveries were made:

2. Important questions were asked:

3. Our national defense was in question:


4. Injuries were sustained:


5. Beautiful scents were smelled:

6. Things were mapped out:

7. Life hacks were discovered:

8. Delicious numerals were devoured:


9. Everyone's celebrated Queen's best song:


10. Salads became dangerous:


11. Perpetual energy was found:

12. The population was questioned:

13. Food safety was a must:

14. Great arguments for vaccines were made:

15. People were hopelessly trapped:

16. Dogs were on the hot seat:

17. Questions were answered:


18. Judgements were made:

19. The sun was rescheduled:

20. The Obama mystery was solved:


21. Caramel became real:


22. Tomatoes were melted:

23. Time zones were discovered:

24. The scariest thing about triplets was revealed:

25. Everyone's favorite breakfast was made:

26. Dangerous drugs were found:


27. The miracle of life was experienced:

28. Everyone's true sides came out:


29. Hashtag phones became a thing:

30. 710s were lost:

31. Trivia questions were nailed:

32. Clean, delicious water was consumed:

33. The other world's most pressing question was answered:


34. Beautiful tattoos were tatted:

35. The REAL population was found out:

36. Groundbreaking inventions were thought up:


37. Tough questions were asked:

38. Disruptive industries were brainstormed:

39. Ebolas were loved:

40. Phones were supercharged:

41. Carrys were bean:

42. The world's fastest parker was found:

43. German was learned:

44. The dumbest elevator in existence made itself known:

45. Measuring was finally clarified:

46. Looks were evening:

47. New diets were started:

48. Commas were sadly lost:

49. New scents were experimented with:

50. And shells were devoured:

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