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Updated on Nov 9, 2019. Posted on Nov 2, 2019

50 Pictures From The Last Decade That Are So Stupid You'll Feel Dumber For Looking

The 2010s were very dumb.

In the 2010s...

1. Exciting discoveries were made:

2. Important questions were asked:

3. Our national defense was in question:


4. Injuries were sustained:


5. Beautiful scents were smelled:

6. Things were mapped out:

7. Life hacks were discovered:

8. Delicious numerals were devoured:


9. Everyone's celebrated Queen's best song:


10. Salads became dangerous:


11. Perpetual energy was found:

12. The population was questioned:

13. Food safety was a must:

14. Great arguments for vaccines were made:

15. People were hopelessly trapped:

16. Dogs were on the hot seat:

17. Questions were answered:


18. Judgements were made:

19. The sun was rescheduled:

20. The Obama mystery was solved:


21. Caramel became real:


22. Tomatoes were melted:

23. Time zones were discovered:

24. The scariest thing about triplets was revealed:

25. Everyone's favorite breakfast was made:

26. Dangerous drugs were found:


27. The miracle of life was experienced:

28. Everyone's true sides came out:


29. Hashtag phones became a thing:

30. 710s were lost:

31. Trivia questions were nailed:

32. Clean, delicious water was consumed:

33. The other world's most pressing question was answered:


34. Beautiful tattoos were tatted:

35. The REAL population was found out:

36. Groundbreaking inventions were thought up:


37. Tough questions were asked:

38. Disruptive industries were brainstormed:

39. Ebolas were loved:

40. Phones were supercharged:

41. Carrys were bean:

42. The world's fastest parker was found:

43. German was learned:

44. The dumbest elevator in existence made itself known:

45. Measuring was finally clarified:

46. Looks were evening:

47. New diets were started:

48. Commas were sadly lost:

49. New scents were experimented with:

50. And shells were devoured:

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