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The 50 Absolute Dumbest Things People Have Ever Actually Posted On The Internet

The ultimate in stupidity.

1. On the marketplace:

someone selling wireless apple earbuds with the wire cut off

2. On the population:

tweet reading every second someone dies every second someone is born so why isn't our population 0

3. On travel:

tweet reading goodbye america hello new york

4. On the sun:

facebook event of a woman asking to reschedule a solar eclipse

5. On relaxation:

facebook post of a person saying they've been trying new ways to relax including essential oils and incest

6. On baking:

facebook post of someone saying they're baking cookies and need to double the recipe so they're going to set the oven to 800

7. On danger:

person saying they found bullets on the ground but they're just drill bits

8. On veganism:

tweet reading yes i'm vegan yes i eat meat we exist

9. On head injuries:

tweet reading i ran into a glass door and think i might have a caucasian

10. On college:

tweet of someone saying goodbye california hello san francisco

11. On birthdays:

tweet reading why tf is there a birthday candle for 0 nobody turns zero years old

12. On theres:

tweet reading If you don't know the difference between "there", "their" and '"they're", then your an idiot.

13. On farming:

facebook post of an article about farmer problems and someone says why is there a need for farmers when most people just go to the grocery store

14. On sexual orientation:

facebook post of someone posting a form asking sexual orientation and they're mad straight isn't an option but it says heterosexual

15. On the future:

tweet reading somebody born in 2020 will see the year 3000 when they're 89 that's wild

16. On spelling:

person saying you can't spell at without a and someone says without a what

17. On driving:

person who sanded down their tires

18. On passwords:

tweet of someone posting their password online

19. On safe cooking:

raw chicken that the person is calling medium rare

20. On books:

person asking if there's a subscription for books and someone answers it's called a library

21. On time:

tweet reading i just realized 2020 is 2020 backwards

22. On vaccines:

person who says if you'd ate a vaccine you'd die and another who says if you injected broccoli you'd die

23. On jokes:

tweet of someone mistaking the word rabbit for rabbi

24. On dinosaurs:

facebook post of someone saying if dinosaurs became extinct a million years ago why is early 2019

25. On math:

a bunch of people answering a math problem incorrectly

26. On Bill Gates:

person saying if bill gates has 98 billion and if he gave everyone on earth money they could get 11 billion each

27. On cooking:

tweet reading heating up macking cheese in the michael wave

28. On ice:

tweet about a person not understanding how water works

29. On efforts:

tweet reading people should respect runners more they poured their butt sweat and tears into their work

30. On bats:

tweet of someone freaking out about how bats are birds

31. On Italian food:

tweet of someone calling chicken parm chicken parma john

32. On biology:

tweet reading people can't be animals sorry fam basic biology

33. On moods:

tweet reading i have two sides the nicest girl you'll ever meet and twisted cycle path

34. On numbers:

tweet of someone mispelling two as T.O.

35. On Pluto:

facebook post saying my daughter just tried to tell me plutonium doesn't come from pluto

36. On maps:

facebook post saying how did people know what roads to take before google maps

37. On breakfast:

tweet of someone spelling cinnamon rolls a synomnym

38. On dogs:

facebook post of a person saying dogs can't talk to they don't have brains

39. On children:

tweet of someone asking why women never have to take baby paternity tests

40. On chocolate:

tweet of someone thinking you can eat the paper on hershey kisses

41. On riddles:

facebook post of people trying and failing to say a country with a in its name

42. On Titanic:

facebook post of a person saying the titanic was fake

43. On teasing:

tweet of someone not remembering the word for feather

44. On flags:

tweet of someone confusing the liberian flag for the usa flag

45. On grapes:

tweet reading i hate grapes they discuss me

46. On socks:

tweet conversation about someone not knowing what gloves are

47. On noodles:

tweet reading these roman numerals about to be good

48. On chicken:

facebook post of someone saying their son doesn't like chicken so they must be a veterinarian

49. On death:

person asking death row inmates what their last meal was

50. And on life:

tweet reading at the end of the day we are all just human beans