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    Here Are 28 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things That Have Happened So Far In 2022

    Uh...that doesn't mean what you think it means.

    So far in 2022, nothing has been more dumb than...

    1. The vice president's dance moves:

    person saying al gore rhythm instead of algorythm

    2. The life and times of Judy:

    someone saying heavy judy instead of heavy duty

    3. Important relationships reminders:

    sentence reading never take your partner for grandad

    4. Intimate moments with a lobster:

    person called lobster linguine lobster lingerie

    5. A touching tribute to those we lost:

    person mixing up obituary with bitch you worried

    6. The best of the best:

    person saying cream dollar cream instead of creme de la creme

    7. An unacceptable reality:

    someone saying ass nine instead of asinine

    8. The scariest thing you can imagine:

    person calling the grim reaper the green reaper

    9. A little too much formality:

    person saying stand office instead of stand offish

    10. A multitude of spices:

    person mixing up synonyms and cinnamons

    11. A chair that only looks out for itself:

    marketplace ad reading black mesh egomaniac chair

    12. The one place you don't want salt to go:

    person saying salt in the womb instead of wound

    13. A most dangerous musical instrument:

    Marketplace add of a violin that reads violent

    14. A goal we can all aspire to:

    person mispelling valedictorian for valid victorian

    15. A queen's legacy:

    person calling the roaring 20s the rolling 20s

    16. Some pasta provocativeness:

    person saying linguine instead of lingerie

    17. A most delicious bread:

    person saying gargling bread instead of garlic

    18. One of literatures best tools:

    person saying anal orgy instead of analogy

    19. A forking strange idea:

    person saying all utensil purposes instead of intensive

    20. Simple instructions:

    buzzer mispelled as buzzard

    21. A shark's mindset:

    person saying sediment instead of sentiment

    22. The key to confidence:

    person saying shelf and steam instead of self-esteem

    23. My kinda shower:

    person mispelling meteor shower as meat or shower

    24. A spoiled group:

    person mispelling sourkraut as sour crowd

    25. Perfect condition:

    person saying christine condition instead of pristine

    26. Lovable ailments:

    person saying infection instead affection

    27. Twice the desolation:

    person saying double on tundra instead of entendre

    28. And the end of days:

    person mispelling rapture