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    29 Of The Most Mind-Meltingly Dumb Posts People Have Actually Made On Twitter

    My hurts.

    1. On birthdays:

    tweet reading why tf is there a birthday candle for 0 nobody turns zero years old

    2. On theres:

    tweet reading If you don't know the difference between "there", "their" and '"they're", then your an idiot.

    3. On math:

    a bunch of people answering a math problem incorrectly

    4. On the population:

    tweet reading every second someone dies every second someone is born so why isn't our population 0

    5. On driving:

    person who sanded down their tires

    6. On the future:

    tweet reading somebody born in 2020 will see the year 3000 when they're 89 that's wild

    7. On cooking:

    tweet reading heating up macking cheese in the michael wave

    8. On ice:

    tweet about a person not understanding how water works

    9. On head injuries:

    tweet reading i ran into a glass door and think i might have a caucasian

    10. On time:

    tweet reading i just realized 2020 is 2020 backwards

    11. On efforts:

    tweet reading people should respect runners more they poured their butt sweat and tears into their work

    12. On college:

    tweet of someone saying goodbye california hello san francisco

    13. On veganism:

    tweet reading yes i'm vegan yes i eat meat we exist

    14. On bats:

    tweet of someone freaking out about how bats are birds

    15. On Italian food:

    tweet of someone calling chicken parm chicken parma john

    16. On jokes:

    tweet of someone mistaking the word rabbit for rabbi

    17. On biology:

    tweet reading people can't be animals sorry fam basic biology

    18. On numbers:

    tweet of someone mispelling two as T.O.

    19. On breakfast:

    tweet of someone spelling cinnamon rolls a synomnym

    20. On children:

    tweet of someone asking why women never have to take baby paternity tests

    21. On chocolate:

    tweet of someone thinking you can eat the paper on hershey kisses

    22. On teasing:

    tweet of someone not remembering the word for feather

    23. On passwords:

    tweet of someone posting their password online

    24. On flags:

    tweet of someone confusing the liberian flag for the usa flag

    25. On grapes:

    tweet reading i hate grapes they discuss me

    26. On socks:

    tweet conversation about someone not knowing what gloves are

    27. On noodles:

    tweet reading these roman numerals about to be good

    28. On moods:

    tweet reading i have two sides the nicest girl you'll ever meet and twisted cycle path

    29. And on life:

    tweet reading at the end of the day we are all just human beans