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    The 28 Absolute Dumbest Things People Actually Said So Far This Year

    I'm speechless.

    1. On the future:

    tweet reading somebody born in 2020 will see the year 3000 when they're 80 that's wild

    2. On lockdown:

    facebook post reading ok we've been corn teened too long let's go for a ride with a picture of a car

    3. On birthdays:

    tweet with a picture of a 0 candle with the text why the fuck is there a 0 candle it's not like you turn 0

    4. On DNA:

    tweet reading why do women never have to take a dna test to see if it's their child

    5. On traveling:

    reddit post about americans being barred from other coutries with the text as an american they can keep their lousy rules i would rather go to spain or italy any day of the week

    6. On pregnancy:

    tweet reading i bought my friend 4 pregnancy tests they all came out positive and now she's crying and saying how am i going to afford to feed 4 kids

    7. On cooking:

    facebook post of raw chicken with the text has anyone ever gotten salmon vanilla from not fully cooked chicken

    8. On babies:

    facebook post reading if a baby is lack toast and tall of rent how it drink tidy milk

    9. On books:

    facebook post reading is there any sort of book subscription for kids and a reply saying it's called the library

    10. On ice:

    picture of a frozen water bottle with the text can someone explain to me how they got all the ice through the small hole

    11. On bats:

    tweet reading people are idiots my neighbors kid just tried to tell me bats are mammals no mammals don't fly

    12. On credit cards:

    tweet reading so my dumbass cancelled my credit card because i saw someone was using it in europe but i am in europe

    13. On birth:

    tweet reading women are the most useless things ever and a reply saying women gave birth to you and another that says i was adopted

    14. On maps:

    map of the world with countries not using the metric system highlighted red and a guy replies alaska is not a country

    15. On birds:

    picture of flamingos with text flaming gulls thought they were pinker

    16. On decisions:

    reddit post asking what an all tomato is but he means ultimatum

    17. On Coke:

    picture of a guy holding a coke bottle with yellow liquid that says this is what sunbleached coke looks like

    18. On negotiations:

    text conversation where one person says they are doing negotiation tack ticks but they mean tactic

    19. On prison:

    reddit post asking death row inmates what their last meal was

    20. On Russia:

    text conversation where one person is watching a russian show and wondering why everyone is called conrad when in reality they just are mistaking the word comrade

    21. On chocolate:

    tweet where one person says when i was a kid my sister told me the paper strip that's in chocolate kisses were edible and i ate them for a year

    On the sun:

    picture out a window that says why does the sun look like a ceiling light and then they realize it is a ceiling light

    22. On drugs:

    facebook post saying if you smoke marinara feel free to unfriend me

    23. On zombies:

    facebook post reading what if a zombie pack of nips happen

    24. On parking:

    sign saying vehicles will be toad spelled like a frog

    25. On memes:

    reddit post saying people with coronavirus how does it make you feel to see memes about it and a reply that says bitch they;'re in quarantine how can they respond and a response that says their computer

    26. On marriage:

    Popcorn bag that says he Pooped the question

    27. On becoming a man:

    tweet saying how old are you when you have a barmistaba meaning barmixtzfah

    28. On time:

    Tweet that says today it will be 820 and 20 second and 20,20,20,20 2020 it will never happen again a reply that says it will happen every single day this year