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    The 15 Absolute Dumbest Things People Posted On The Internet This Past Week

    Yes, these people exist.

    1. On slippery slopes:

    Person who says there's a difference between vaccines and immunizations

    2. On liberty:

    Person who says it's a First Amendment violation for unvaccinated American travelers to be banned from France

    3. On testing:

    Man who goes to get COVID tested without a mask and throws a fit when the person asks him to put on a mask

    4. On dinosaurs:

    Person who asks, if dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, why is the Earth in the thousands?

    5. On the past:

    Person who says the vaccine was made too quickly and it gets pointed out they ate a Tide pod in 2019

    6. On cells:

    Person who says trust cells, not science

    7. On math:

    Person who does not know what a greater than or equal to sign is or that a third pounder is bigger than a quarter pounder

    8. On employment:

    Person who says diseases and viruses are different things after someone asks if they forgot you had to be vaccinated to go to school

    9. On hospitals:

    Person who says it will be scary what happens in a real pandemic, and someone responds this is a real pandemic

    10. On the moon:

    Person who asks if the moon is also flat if the Earth and stars are flat

    11. On photographic proof:

    Person asking for photographic proof that someone never received an item they ordered

    12. On masks:

    Person saying masks don't work and actually increasing your carbon dioxide levels and present a breeding ground for pathogens, and they get shut down by a an expert in respiratory physiology

    13. On fish:

    Facebook prompt to name a fish that doesn't have an "a" in its name and someone says "dolphin"

    14. On freebies:

    Unvaxxed person who says they are discriminated against because they can't get a donut in Krispy Kreme's "free donuts to vaxxed customers" campaign

    15. And on the flu:

    Person who says they would never get multiple shots a year for one virus, and someone points out that the hepatitis vaccine is three shots, and they say they're glad they didn't get that one either

    You'll love it.

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