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    60 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Actually Posted On The Internet In 2022

    Yes, these people exist.

    2022: What a dumb year! Don't believe me? Well, take a look at what these folks had to say...

    1. On heroes:

    Person misspelling "damsel in distress" as "damsel in this dress"

    2. On the world's best smell:

    Someone thinking potpourri is spelled "poop puree"

    3. On internet likes:

    Person saying "Al Gore rhythm" instead of "algorithm"

    4. On atoms:

    Person who says atoms don't exist because "gold is made of gold" and "copper is made of copper"

    5. On manners:

    "And who said shivery is dead"

    6. On gravy:

    Person who misspells connoisseur as contesewer

    7. On television:

    Person who doesn't understand how TVs are measured

    8. On construction:

    Someone asking for a "heavy Judy drill" instead of "heavy duty drill" "2Mara"

    9. On the letter T:

    Someone thinking the word "teeth" starts and ends with a t

    10. On the end of days:

    Person misspelling "rapture" in a doomsday convo

    11. On ear pain:

    Person misspelling legitimately as "ligmentlly"

    12. On the worst possible place for salt:

    Person saying salt in the womb instead of wound

    13. On overhearing:

    Person misspelling eavesdropper as "ease dropper"

    14. On phone damage:

    Person trying to screenshot their phone to show a crack

    15. On beauty:

    Person misspelling aesthetic as asthmatic

    16. On signing:

    Person misspelling sign language as silent language

    17. On tragedy:

    Person misspelling sucker punch as soccer punch

    18. On Halloween:

    Person misspelling trick-or-treaters as trigger treaters

    19. On gas:

    Person misspelling pneumonia as ammonia

    20. On language:

    Person thinking the word "aloha" is Spanish

    21. On cookies:

    Someone calling macadamia nut "Michael Damien nut"

    22. On gas prices:

    Someone saying "ass nine" instead of asinine

    23. On the best of the best:

    Person saying cream dollar cream instead of creme de la creme

    24. On musical instruments:

    Facebook Marketplace ad for a violin that reads "violent"

    25. On breakfast:

    Person called lobster linguine "lobster lingerie"

    26. On those we lost:

    Person mixing up "obituary" with "a bitch you worried"

    27. On manners:

    Person saying "stand office" instead of standoffish

    28. On the English language:

    Person mixing up synonyms and cinnamons

    29. On chairs with nothing to lose:

    Facebook Marketplace ad reading "black mesh egomaniac" chair instead of "ergonomic"

    30. On the Queen's legacy:

    person calling the roaring 20s the rolling 20s

    31. On pasta provocativeness:

    Person saying his girl is walkin' around in her linguine instead of lingerie

    32. On delicious bread:

    Person saying gargling bread instead of garlic

    33. On the beauty of language:

    Person saying "anal orgy" instead of analogy

    34. On pets:

    Person saying "all utensil purposes" instead of "all intents and purposes"

    35. On auctions:

    A person selling a decrepit couch to the "lowest bitter" instead of bidder

    36. On simple instructions:

    A note telling people to press the "buzzard" instead of the buzzer

    37. On confidence:

    Person referring to people who suffer from "low shelf and steam" instead of low self-esteem

    38. On the cosmos:

    Person misspelling meteor shower as "meat or shower"

    39. On the worst kinda crowd:

    Person misspelling sauerkraut as sour crowd

    40. On the most perfect condition something can be in:

    Person advertising a Nintendo product in "Christine" condition instead of pristine

    41. On desolation:

    Person saying double "on tundra" instead of entendre

    42. On England:

    Person thanking gun ownership for no longer being under English rule posts the Liberian flag instead of US flag

    43. On currency:

    Person who does not know the British pound is a type of currency

    44. On stunning sights:

    Person who says they were taken a bath instead of taken aback

    45. On seriousness:

    For sale sign for "serious injuries only" instead of inquiries

    46. On preferences:

    Person who says couples tea instead of cup of tea

    47. On foresight:

    Person who says they're "Claire buoyant" instead of clairvoyant

    48. On publishing:

    Person mixing up pamphlet and pan flip

    49. On disagreements:

    Person who says "oh count rare" instead of au contraire

    50. On movie times:

    Person mixing up matinee and manatee

    51. On butts:

    Sign from management saying to "distinguish" your cigarette instead of extinguish

    52. On illnesses:

    Someone spelling salmonella as "sally manilla"

    53. On aunts:

    Someone who thinks the word entrepreneur is spelled "aunt rap runner"

    54. On laundry sales:

    Facebook Marketplace ad for a washing machine spelling it "watch her machine"

    55. On water supply:

    Person misspelling ocean as "oat shin"

    56. On ailments:

    Person misspelling asthma (or maybe eczema?) as "eggsthma" in "It could be eggthsma I have it too!"

    57. On toilet flora:

    Person referring to "toilet trees" instead of toiletries

    58. On dinner:

    Person talking about leftover strum bowling instead of "stromboli"

    59. On comfortable seating:

    Facebook Marketplace ad for a bench that reads "branch"

    60. And on partners:

    Person saying never take your partner "for grandad" instead of "for granted"

    Did you enjoy all these pics but really wish you could've been groovin' to some Cool Tunes™ while reading them? You're in luck, my friend. Check out this playlist of my favorite songs I listened to in 2022. Bless ya!