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    The 19 Absolute Dumbest Texts People Have Actually Sent So Far This Year

    C'mon, man.

    1. On braces:

    text where one person asks to see the other's braces but they don't smile

    2. On tests:

    text of someone holding a thermometer and the other person says does that mean you're pregnant

    3. On abbreviations:

    text with a person getting confused about what DW means thinking it doesn't mean don't worry

    4. On wrong numbers:

    text with a person texting the wrong number and asking what the right number is

    5. On partying:

    text about a person getting drunk and saying they left a party and calling an uber and then the other person says this is your house

    6. On lost phones:

    text about someone losing a phone but texting with it so it's not actually lost

    7. On ego:

    text where a person thinks egotistical is spelled ego testicle

    8. On cheese:

    text where someone tries to remember the name of parmesan cheese and alls it farmer john cheese

    9. On prices:

    text where someone ends up offering more money for a good or service

    10. On majors:

    text where one person mixes up pediatrician and pedestrian

    11. On coming of age:

    text where one person misspells bar-mitzfah as barmistaba

    12. On negotiations:

    13. On Russia:

    text where a person thinks russians characters are saying conrad when they are actually saying comrade

    14. On lungs:

    text where a mom sends a joke meme about marijuana filled lungs but it's actually a walnut

    15. On birthdays:

    text where someone thinks filet mignon is spelled flaming young

    16. On suits:

    text where someone thinks suit yourself is shoot yourself instead

    17. On French:

    text where someone thinks bonjour is pronounced bone jaw

    18. On classic cinema:

    text where someone thinks the movie is called this pickle me 3 not despicable me 3

    19. And on cheese, again:

    text where someone thinks cottage cheese is pronounced scottish cheese

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