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    50 Pictures That Prove The American Education System Is Absolutely Doomed

    It's right there in the name.

    1. Americans on Native Americans:

    person who thinks Native Americans aren't Americans

    2. On Scotland:

    person who thinks Scotland is not a country

    3. On telling time:

    person who doesn't understand 24 hour time

    4. On protesting:

    person who says America was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the Boston Tea Party

    5. On the Bible:

    person who says Jesus is American

    6. On the Vatican:

    Someone who says Biden's America in response to a tweet about the Vatican

    7. This weatherperson:

    person who asks who even uses Celsius and someone responds with a huge map of everyone who does

    8. On the grand old flag:

    person who says if you like Bernie go to Canada, and they use the flag of Liberia

    9. On money:

    person who doesn't know pound is also the name for currency

    10. On Columbus:

    person who says they're celebrating Columbus Day and the other person says how will you observe by getting lost in the spice aisle

    11. On toilets:

    person who doesn't think other countries have central plumbing

    12. On Celsius:

    person arguing against Celsius

    13. On Queen:

    person who thinks Queen is from the USA

    14. On guns:

    person who argues about gun control with someone from Panama

    15. On burgers:

    person who thinks not being able to get a Whopper is socialism

    16. On cars:

    person says America is the reason we have cars, but it's actually Germany

    17. On Mexico:

    person who thinks international doesnt mean other countries

    18. On accents:

    post reading Americans don't have accents

    19. On Rome:

    tweet of someone asking if there's a Rome in Italy

    20. On Rhode Island:

    instagram convo of two Americans where one asks if Rhode Island is in the United States

    21. On the threat of global warming:

    Facebook comment where someone says non-Americans can't talk about global warming

    22. On South Africa:

    person who doesn't understand that South Africa can be a country

    23. On water:

    person who wants to stunt on Europeans for getting free water:

    24. On the 4th of July:

    One person asks if other countries celebrate the 4th of July and another responds asking why would they

    25. On dates:

    26. On the 2020 election:

    Tweet saying that Obama was too scared to run against Trump because he knew Trump would win

    27. On fridges:

    Reddit post of someone asking a UK subreddit if they use fridges

    28. On weight:

    person who says we don't use kilograms — this is America

    29. On European healthcare:

    instagram comment of someone saying if you break your leg in Europe you die

    30. On pages:

    person who says everything not in the USA is foreign

    31. On the metric system:

    Map of the world highlighting countries that don't use the metric system and Alaska is highlighted and a person responds that Alaska is not a country
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    32. On Europeans:

    33. On countries:

    Tweet reading how did Beyoncé go number one in 100 countries when there's only 7? Africa, Europe, Asia, and I cant remember the rest

    34. On futuristic technology:

    Discussion between two people where one asks if they have TVs in England

    35. On bidets:

    Picture of a woman drinking out of a bidet

    36. On Nates:

    All caps Facebook post reading Nate of Americans need to move back to India

    37. On music:

    Reply to a poll reading Drake is from Canada; it's up north but not America

    38. On subtitles:

    Amazon reviews of people upset a movie it subtitled

    39. On NASCAR:

    Facebook reply to an article about NASCAR banning Confederate flags saying that NASCAR is a scam because they never went to the moon

    40. On China:

    Facebook post that reads omg i just read that China is 12 hours ahead of America...why didn't they warn them about 9/11

    41. On flags:

    Tweet about the only pride this person needs to the Bible and the red white and blue stripes, but it's not the American flag — it's the Liberian flag

    42. On the Titanic:

    Facebook post reading Canadians think the Titanic was a real event and not just a movie, how dumb can you be

    43. On time:

    Tumblr post about someone getting mad about military time and a person replies that Americans can't count past 12

    44. On sports:

    Facebook post about how complicated American football is and how the rest of the world can't handle it but a reply says they have it in Europe

    45. On cutlery:

    Question asking if the British use forks

    46. On California:

    Tweet reading how are the nukes supposed to reach California if North Korea is across the map from us

    47. On the Pledge of Allegiance:

    Facebook post reading that the Pledge of Allegiance says to the republic for which it stands not to the Democrat

    48. On the letter "A":

    Facebook post of people trying and failing to come up with a country that doesn't have the letter A in its name

    49. On hemispheres:

    Reddit thread of someone thinking the Souther Hemisphere means Central Texas

    50. And, finally, on America:

    Sign reading American is the best country in the nation