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    22 Pictures That Prove Customers Are Some Of The Dumbest People On The Planet


    1. On wings:

    tumblr post about someone who had to explain what wings are

    2. On fresh turkey:

    story about someone asking a stock boy if turkeys in a grocery store can get bigger and they say no they're dead

    3. On tipping:

    tweet about a customer trying to say they don't speak english to get out of tipping

    4. On opening:

    story about a customer trying to get in the store at 10:43 am

    5. On a day in the life:

    story about a customer saying hey i think this is that special glass that doesn't shatter hwen you drop it and then they hear a crash

    6. On rare cats:

    tweet reading hello today a woman got huffy with me because she didn't know sabertooth cats were extinct

    7. On prices:

    tweet about a customer completely ignoring the pricing that's right in front of them

    8. On closing:

    tweet reading are you closed no ma'am we actually just decided to lock the front and start mopping for fun

    9. On pricetags:

    tweet about a customer who does not understand something is not on sale

    10. On chips:

    tumblr post reading why did i have a customer that hole punched his credit card chip's out because he didn't want a chip

    11. On straws:

    tweet about someone getting mad about straws meanwhile they are in a sushi bar

    12. On water:

    tweet about someone not understand that water is going to be brought out later

    13. On paying:

    story about a customer who gets mad because they were asked how they plan to pay for something

    14. On subs:

    tweet reading i once had to remake a man's nasty sub 3 times because i cut it into 1/4s intstead of into just a half and it wouldn't fill him up if it was cut like that

    15. On staff:

    story about a customer who does not see staff as people

    16. On waitressing:

    tweet about how picky customers can be

    17. On lemonade:

    story about someone who mixes up the word laminate with lemonade

    18. On tiles:

    story about someone who doesn't understand they can't just get their tiles cleaned remotely

    19. On working holidays:

    20. On dessert:

    tweet reading carried 3 desserts over to a table for a customer to say we actually ordered 2 coffees right i might of accidentally left the min the kitchen along with my 3rd arm

    21. On Coronavirus:

    tweet reading customers really come up to me and ask “when this whole covid thing gonna be over?” Lmfao bro idk let me go ask my manager

    22. In conclusion:

    tweet reading the customer is always wrong i've never known a more incorrect group of people than the customer