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    22 Truly Haunting Things That Are In Pretty Much Every Straight Guy's Apartment

    I can smell this post.

    Every single straight guy under age 25 lives or has lived in a place that has...

    1. ...a coffee table that looks exactly like this:

    2. Complete with crusty old weed from an undetermined amount of time ago...

    3. ...a burned-out scented candle that doubles as an ashtray...

    4. ...and an old Domino's box from AT LEAST two weekends ago:

    5. There's always one singular "good chair" in the living room, generally surrounded by folding chairs:

    6. A couch that looks like it's had a lifetime supply of asses sit down on it...

    7. ...generally with some dude who doesn't live there crashing on it at 2 p.m.:

    8. All the decorations are either a random flag hung on the wall...

    9. ...or a bunch of old beer cases:

    10. There's always a copious number of empty liquor bottles on top of the kitchen cabinets... to several jugs of protein powder that are unreachable:

    11. A fridge with precisely this much expired milk left in the jug:

    12. A mattress pushed into the corner with absolutely no bed frame:

    13. A sink full of "somebody else's" dishes:

    14. A full roll of paper towels directly next to an empty roll:

    15. A garbage can that looks like the world's stickiest game of Jenga:

    16. A toilet paper roll with either THIS much toilet paper left...

    ...or a full roll resting on top of the old roll:

    17. There can be absolutely no hand towels in the bathroom, so you have to use a damp shower towel to dry your hands:

    18. There's gotta be a bunch of TVs of varying sizes that haven't been dusted since the Cambrian Period:

    19. There's always a razor in the shower that no one has used in months:

    20. A sink that looks like this:

    21. And a bottle of 3-in-1 shampoo-conditioner-bodywash that's been half full since freshman year:

    22. And finally, no apartment is complete without a smoke detector that either is unplugged or has been beeping for weeks: