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    May 18, 2020

    Sorry, But If None Of These Hilariously Drunk People Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

    Cheers to these folks.

    1. The googly-eyed drunk:

    2. The zookeeper drunk:

    3. The fine dining drunk:

    4. The new dad drunk:

    5. The technological wizard drunk:

    6. The navigator drunk:


    7. The emotional drunk:

    8. The analytical drunk:

    9. The master of time drunk:

    10. The responsible drunk:

    11. The creative drunk:

    12. The blackout drunk:

    13. The talkative drunk:

    14. The autocorrect drunk:

    15. The caring drunk:

    16. The devious drunk:

    17. The wholesome drunk:

    18. The artist drunk:

    19. The Alexa drunk:

    20. The re-ordering drunk:

    21. The goat drunk:

    22. The fashionable drunk:


    23. The Irish drunk:

    24. The lunch drunk:

    25. The birthday drunk:

    26. The angry drunk:

    27. The businessman drunk:

    28. And the take-no-shit drunk:

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