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    60 Times People Got So Drunk And Made The Absolute Best Decisions

    No lies detected.

    Drunk people, what else can you say about them? They're a special type of person. I mean...

    1. They speak truth:

    drunk person who slept in a wheelbarrow

    2. They ask the tough questions:

    person who calls a bird doctor from a bar to find out if hummingbirds have feet

    3. They're so complimentary:

    drunk person who miistakes a confectionary treat for their loved one

    4. They make great decisions:

    5. They always go above and beyond for their loved ones:

    Caption on a picture of a toad wearing a top hat that reads, "Accidentally bought my toad 100 top hats for my frog instead of one while I was drunk online shopping..."

    6. They're well traveled:

    drunk person who buys a ticket to Japan on a whim

    7. They're poets:

    drunk person who writes a poem about losing their pants

    8. They know how to party:

    9. They never get lost:

    10. They take care of themselves:

    Tweet reading, "Woke up this morning with a cup of water and a note next to my bed saying 'for hungover me.' I took a sip and it was vodka. Drunk me is such a douche"

    11. They have a great fashion sense:

    Facebook post of a person wearing bowling shoes with the caption "Never drinking at da bowling alley again. I'm mad WTF I left my Jordans"

    12. They always think of others:

    drunk guy offering a laptop pizza

    13. They're master debaters:

    14. They have great reading comprehension:

    Tweet reading, "*my step dad comes in drunk at the end of the night and walks into the kitchen* him: 'what time is it?' *looks at the microwave that has 53 seconds still sitting on it* him again: '53? Fuck that's late'"

    15. They have great taste:

    16. They're speedy:

    drunk person who speedruns donkey kong in front of a party in 2 hours

    17. They have beautiful voices:

    drunk person who sings One Direction to a tree

    18. They love all creatures:

    19. They write beautiful poems:

    20. They have hearts of gold:

    21. They have extensive vocabularies:

    22. They have super-deep thoughts:

    23. They know how to diffuse any situation:

    24. They are one with technology:

    Tweet reading, "My dad last night, completely shitfaced, was trying to get out of the backseat of my car and he gave up, put his head against the car door and said ‘alexa, please get me out of here’


    25. They are crafty:

    Tweet of a margarita in a to-go box that says, "To-go margs are allowed if you're stealthy enough"

    26. They have a fine appreciation for the arts:

    Picture of a guy holding up his phone in a silent disco with the caption "This guy who was drunk as f*ck tried to shazam in the silent disco"

    27. They are super responsible:

    Text message that reads, "Are you home No at brewskis" and then, "How drunk are you because you just answered yourself"

    28. They love nature:

    Tumblr post reading, "My dad is drunk watching Bob Ross and nodding every few seconds going 'interesting' and 'that's a good way of thinking about it Bob'"

    29. They're always up for a spirited debate:

    Tweet reading, "Thought you guys might like this note my friend wrote to himself before going out last night" and it's a letter to his drunk self saying to drink water followed by some scribbles

    30. They enjoy the finest of cuisines:

    Facebook post of a hunk of cheese that reads, "Dear hungover me, thanks for packing me lunch"

    31. They are very levelheaded:

    Tweet reading, "My girl is drunk. I woke up to 12 missed calls and texts saying that she’s crying so obviously I was mad worried so I called her to make sure everything was straight. She’s crying cos her friend took a bite of her burger"

    32. They make connections that last a lifetime:

    33. They're super polite:

    34. I mean, VERY polite:

    35. They're going places:

    36. They leave absolutely no waste:

    Picture of a McDonald's hash brown that has been bit into, paper and all

    37. They're great at improving:

    38. They're the most creative people:

    picture of a plastic chair around a toilet with the caption "Got blackout drunk and woke up to this"

    39. They are always there for their loved ones:

    Tweet that says, "One year ago i drunk texted my grandma for her birthday" and it's her texting and not making sense and the grandma calling her a disgrace

    40. They speak their mind:

    You don’t know what fun is until you’ve witnessed a drunk on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train screaming “A fucking hate hedgehogs, come at me ya jabby wee cunt” while angrily circling a hairbrush that’s been dropped on the floor...

    41. They tell no lies:

    42. They're emotional:

    43. They play the best pranks:

    44. They have great plans:

    45. They have a way with words:

    Text message of someone asking where the other person is and they just reply with a picture of an oyster

    46. They always follow up:

    47. They make fine investments:

    48. They always know how to cook dishes to perfection:

    drunk person who cooks food on a clock in the microwave

    49. Have I mentioned they're master chefs?

    50. They get the best gifts:

    51. They always have the hookup:

    52. They always get home safe:

    Text message reading, "Hey...can you pick me up? I'm drunk. Oh you don't have to anymore. I'm home now" and then "Yes. I was aware of that after dropping you home"

    53. They understand the responsibility of parenthood:

    drunk person who hates babies

    54. They're always lookin' out for number one:

    55. They having nothing but self-love:

    Footage of me drunk af last night applying concealer to my lips thinking it was lip gloss I love myself

    Twitter: @cas1ynch

    56. They always make sure their technology is in order:

    Picture of a charging cable plugged into a Snickers bar

    57. They always get a good night's sleep:

    got drunk and fell asleep on the floor last night. my dog just laid there with me. she wasn’t even sleep 😂

    58. They're modern-day oracles:

    59. And they're super supportive:

    60. They're super fashionable: