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19 Pictures That Prove Drunk People Are The Best People

At least until the morning.

Everyone knows drunk people are the best people.

1. They have a way with words:

2. They're true pioneers:

3. They have their priorities in order:

4. They're self-sufficient:

5. They make the best purchases:

6. They're not afraid to tell it like it is:

7. They care deeply about their loved ones:

8. They'll always let you know they're safe 'n' sound:

9. They look for love in all the right places:

10. They always make sure everything is up to date and ready to go:

11. They love a good phone call:

12. They spend their money very wisely:

13. They are pretty much geniuses:

14. They don't take crap from anyone:

15. They leave tender late-night notes:

16. They'll send you gifts to show they care:

17. They appreciate a good ride home:

18. They're very concerned with academics:

19. And they love a good prank: