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21 Things That Happen Every Single Time You Drive A Car


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1. Breaking the law like:

2. The "look who it is" look:

3. Getting your ears blown out:

4. The international symbol:

5. The serial beepers:

6. And serial breakers:

7. Those daredevils:

8. That moment:

9. Mood swings:

10. Driving with mom:

11. Your friend trying to kill you like:

12. That "are you serious right now?" look:

13. Blacking out:

14. The great struggle:

15. Sweet revenge:

16. Alarms:

17. Summer lovin':

18. This mystical new technology:

19. The unspoken fear:

20. Trying to decipher code:

21. And the HUGE difference between the two:

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