21 GIFs That Are Actually Worth Looking At

These are actually worth your time.

1. What a shockwave looks like:

2. How springs are made:

3. A CD being erased with high voltage:

4. Two people splashed with liquid, one with a shirt treated with a hydrophobic chemical, one without:

5. Braces in action:

6. What it looks like when you fly a drone through a fireworks show:

7. Supercooled water:

8. Gold medal vaults, 54 years apart:

9. What happens to an old TV when it meets a neodymium magnet:

10. How crocodiles leap out of the water:

11. A dandelion’s transformation:

12. A match being lit in slow motion:

13. What happens when you combine a controlled wildfire and a dust devil:

14. What it looks like when a star meets a black hole:

15. An emergency stop sign made out of water:

16. A sculpture of rotating head created by negative space:

Headless Mill - Marcus Raetz / Via gifbin.com

17. A chain spinning so fast it keeps its shape:

18. This is what DNA replication looks like:

19. What Alka-Seltzer and water looks like in zero gravity:

20. What your body looks like, top to bottom:

21. And a better zipper:

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